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Used Car Loan

With inflation hitting our lives like anything, buying a car can be an expensive affair. But with India’s best car dealer – Car Kharido Becho 24, now you can achieve the mile stone of owning a car. Car Kharido Becho 24 is known for extending used car loans at lucrative rates so that every middle-class person out there can own a car without putting all his savings in the purchase of the vehicle.

Features and Benefits

Opting for a used car loan can be very lucrative. This is because it offers a lot of perks to the customer. Following are a handful of features that come by opting a used car loan:


Desirable on-road funding

Best of all, used car loans do come with complete on-road funding. This makes the purchase of the vehicle seamless than ever!


A used car loan has 100% approval rates

Yes, you got that right. You need not wait in a long queue just to seek an approval. A used car loan extended by Car Kharido Becho 24 has cent percent approval.


Get your ownership transfer in a seamless manner

The biggest myth about a used car loan is that it doesn’t cover ownership or RC transfer. But this isn’t the case with Car Kharido Becho 24. We offer our clients premium service wherein they can get the ownership transferred in a hassle-free manner.

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Significantly low interest rates

Used car loans always come at a low interest rate as compared to other loans such as personal loan etc. This means that your principal amount and the total interest paid by you will not have a mammoth difference.

Why should you buy a used car?

Are you unsure about buying a used car? Hold on, we will suggest you why you should just go for it. As per financial experts, picking one from a lot of second-hand cars on emi  is the best option. You can easily save some lakhs. Not kidding! Here, depreciation is lower than a new car hailing straight from the showroom. Not only that, you can dodge and lay your hands on another model that comes under the same budget. All this will make you buy a better car than you were anticipating buying.

Apart from that, a used car comes with the following perks:

    • Drive without any strain or stress. A used car survives scratches and learner’s driving.
    • A used car depreciates slowly.
    • No additional charges on used hand cars.
    • Afford insurance with much ease for your second-hand car finance.
    • It’s not just any second-hand car, it’s a certified one.

Used Car Loan Eligibility

In order to apply for a used car loan, one needs to meet a used car loan eligibility criterion. At Car Kharido Becho 24, availing of a second-hand car loan on EMI is simple and convenient. All you need to do is to meet a set of criteria:



The applicant must be in the age group of 21-65 years.


Proof of income

The applicant needs to have a minimum monthly salary of INR 20,000 and one-year job experience.

Avail loan in 4 simple steps

Availing a loan from Car KharidoBecho 24 is easy. Try the following four steps:

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Check your credit score

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Calculate the borrowing amount

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Approach us. We will get the paperwork ready.

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Get, set and approved!


1. What are the benefits of applying through Car Kharido Becho 24?

Since its very inception, Car Kharido Becho 24 has been enjoying the reputation of extending the best and the quickly approved used car loans. We extend offline, online and door-to-door assistance so that you receive the joy of driving your “newly owned car” at the earliest.

How can I benefit from getting my loan approved before finalizing my car?

The array of choices that one has in car models is too overwhelming. In order to have a look at all the cars that meet your eligibility criterion as well as in saving your time, it is recommended to get a used car loan approved before finalizing the car.

How much loan can I get on a used car?

A used car loan amount depends entirely on the car that you purchase. Usually, lenders who approach Car Kharido Becho 24 get 90% to 100% of the car value as the used car loan.

Do I need to go to the Bank to complete documentation/visit the Car Kharido Becho 24 myself to sign docs?

At Car Kharido Becho 24, we always keep the comfort of the customer first. And this is the reason why all the paperwork is done in one go after which you can claim the ownership of your car.

What is the process of transfer of ownership after my loan is sanctioned?

Once your used car loan amount is credited in your bank account, you can leave the task of transferring ownership on our abled shoulders. We will be completing all the formalities that are to complete at the RTO. You will be receiving the transferred RC at your postal address in a span of 2 weeks.