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About Our Bank Tie-Up

As a car buyer, you will learn extensively about the various insurance policies available. The car dealer makes it easy to buy insurance by bundling it with the car sale, so you would probably prefer to buy it directly from them.

By eliminating some tasks during loan processing that involve the units involved in the projects, tie-up arrangements reduce loan turnaround time. No one can claim their project is a matter of right linked to the Bank.

Benefits of Bank Tie-Ups

Getting a car loan at the dealership where you purchase your car can simplify the loan process slightly. Even so, there are benefits to dealer financing, such as:


A dealer financing is usually a better deal than going to a bank or credit union because dealerships often offer promotions, like 0% APR for preferred new car models.

  • A day of shopping.

The advantage of dealer financing is you get your car and your car loan all at the same place, which means you can drive away in one afternoon.