Today, a majority of the population is striving towards achieving a major milestone in their life – buying a car. And those who already have one are striving to make their vehicle stand out. Upgrading the features of your car gives it a touch of individuality and makes it more in sync with your kind of usage. In today’s blog, we will understand how car loan balance and top ups can help one upgrade their vehicle:

Significant Car Updates

Here are a handful of changes that can help you upgrade in new as well the second hand cars in Chandauli:

  • Music System

Change the outdated audio system in your car with a more up-to-date infotainment unit that has better functionality and fancier speakers. Modern units come with numerous convenience features like Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. in-built navigation, and more.

  • Safety and Camera

With the constant rise in traffic in the cities, it is advisable to install a dash cam in your car for safety reasons. Such a camera is installed under the IRVM and records while you drive. It can help prove your innocence in any untoward incident. You can also get a reversing camera installed for parking safety. 

  • Aftermarket Accessories

Installing things into your vehicle such as floor mats. storage pockets, rear seat organizers, and so on, will help your vehicle seem more personalized while increasing the practicality quotient. These accessories are helpful, especially for those who love driving long distances. 

Wish to incorporate these changes in your vehicle? Here’s how car loan balance transfer and top-up can help you.

A Sneak Peek into Car Loan Balance and Top Ups

Here are some unique variants of our car loan balance transfer and top-up:

  • Term Loan

Herein, we provide car loan top-up in lower interest rate. Both the principal and the adjusted interest are included in your EMI. 

  • Hybrid Loan

This variant works just like the Term Loan. The only difference is that, for the initial period of the loan, your EMI will only consist of the car loan top-up in lower interest rate. For the subsequent period, the EMI will consist of both, the interest and principal components.

  • Regular Term Loan

This is like a regular top-up loan. You borrow a certain amount of money, which is divided into equated monthly installments that consist of both, the principal and the applicable interest.

One can pick the most suitable variant for yourself. Apart from this, a car loan top-up offers applicants tons of benefits. Transfer the balance of your existing car loan and get a high-value top-up of up to 180% of the car’s value with a limit of Rs. 47 lakh. An applicant can repay your loan easily with convenient repayment options ranging up to 72 months. One can pay back a portion of their loan ahead of schedule at no extra cost with our variants. You can part-prepay as many times as you want. In the majority of cases, one gets the car loan balance transfer and top-up amount credited to their account within 48 hours of approval.

Get doorstep support by submitting your documents to a CKB24 representative without stepping out of your home. For further information on car loan top-up, reach out to us at Best of all, we also offer new car loans.