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Car Insurance in Sonbhadra

Car insurance is a legal requirement in India. The Car Insurance Act of India states that a third-party policy should be purchased. Car kharido becho 24 provides different types of car insurance renewal in Sonbhadra and offer the facility of buying car insurance online from which you can go with one as per your requirements. Third-party car insurance does not cover the cost of damages caused to one’s own vehicle. But, it covers all incidents that result in damage in the car be it minor or major. So buy car insurance without any hesitation. Under a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you obtain the maximum coverage possible. Additionally, after getting online car insurance, policyholders are insured against financial losses in cases they experience a loss of their vehicle due to theft or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters. So get your car insurance online from our website.

If you want to buy/renew car insurance then you must be aware of all the features it provides to get the maximum benefits.

Insured Declared Value or IDV

If you buy insurance against complete loss or damage to your car, you can claim the declared value of your vehicle. And, while calculating IDV, depreciation is usually considered. Meaning, after deducting the depreciation amount based on the vehicle’s age, the manufacturer lists the selling price.

The Premium plan

In simple terms, a premium plan includes the amount of vehicle insurance you pay. Here, you can calculate the cost of a new car after comparing factors like the car’s model & age, its fuel type, your present city, your age & your profession. Most importantly, you can reduce your premiums by applying for your No Claim Bonus points & other discounts. So renew your car insurance accordingly.

Liability to third parties

If your car met with an accident, this policy covers injuries or death as well as property damage to third parties. And under the Motor Vehicle Act, it is necessary that every car owner has a valid vehicle insurance policy. So if you lack one, you will face a penalty from the police. But this policy does not cover any injury/loss done to your own vehicle.

An all-inclusive insurance plan or package plan

This policy protects the person & his vehicle from multiple risks and third-party liabilities. The policy covers any damage done to the vehicle from an accident, natural calamity, theft or any man-made disaster. Similarly, it covers the accident causing the loss of life of the passengers or the drivers inside. Buying comprehensive vahicle insurance is not a mandatory policy but it is a viable option.

Claim for cashless payment

The repair work done at any of our network garages won’t cost you anything. We will cover the repair bill. Meaning, cashless claims are the basic outcome of this facility.

You are also provided with the facility of a car insurance calculator to compare all the types of car insurance and choose accordingly.

Given below are the documents you need to submit for transferring a car insurance policy

The owner should contact their existing vehicle insurance company to get vehicle insurance for used cars. The owner will need to submit the following documents.

  • A copy of the old insurance certificate
  • Original registration certificate (RC) & new owner/buyer information
  • The ownership transfer application
  • If applicable, the fee.

The vehicle insurance renewal company usually transfers the insurance policy to the new owner once the required documents have been submitted, the application fee has been paid & all the necessary paperwork has been completed.

Furthermore, while transferring their vehicle insurance policies, many people skip reading all the terms and conditions carefully. So to avoid any future trouble or prevent all damages caused in the event of an accident, you need to complete all the documentation within the specified time frame. A used car owner should also take the time to research & compare car insurance renewal companies to come up with the best choice.

Contact us to know more about how to claim car insurance from Car Kharido Becho 24.

Note :

The terms and conditions of car insurance policies online are subject to change according to bank policies and guidelines.